Kimberley Morris


“I work daily to achieve balance and harmony in all areas of my life. I find that everything I see on a daily basis can serve as the inspiration for my next design. Simplicity of form and colour are the foundation of my designs. I try to push the limits of both techniques and materials. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. The process is the most important thing when I’m working. There's something very Zen about it.  At the end of the day, the result is satisfaction and hopefully a wearable piece of art.”

Armed with a triple major - graphic design, clay and photography -Kimberley Morris set off to conquer the world.  She had a hard time finding a job throwing pots, so she decided to get a job using her graphic design background. She found her niche, working at top design studios in London, Los Angeles, and Dallas.

But with the tech crash of 2000 and the events of 9/11, Morris decided that it might be time for a shift in focus— away from the computer and back to fine arts. When Kimberley returned to creating fine art, she discovered how much she had missed it and what an integral part of her life it really was. She went back to school and started taking classes in metalsmithing, incorporating her experience in design and colour. In 2007, it was time to commit full-time to her art.

Kimberley prefers to keep her designs simple, using colour and texture to create depth in tones and finishes. She uses various hand-fabrication techniques including riveting, roll printing, forging and hydraulic forming. Her work begins by forming a shape out of copper, applying texture and a chemical patina. This creates a blank canvas to apply the design with colour using colour pencils. The final piece is then sealed with wax and riveted to a base of oxidized silver.